UZHUT – Uzbek Hungarian Trade Bridge

About Us

We are a team of passionate professionals committed to developing the agri-food sector in Uzbekistan.

We promote sustainable and high-quality agricultural practices, increase exports, and help farmers integrate into global markets.

Our flagship project is the CREAM System, a certification system that ensures the highest levels of quality and safety standards in agri-food production. By obtaining the CREAM certificate, farmers in Uzbekistan can expand their market reach.
With the support of the EU and the Uzbek government, we are confident that the CREAM System will contribute to the country’s development and prosperity.
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Our Symbol

As we were discussing ideas for the symbol of the CREAM System, a butterfly caught our attention with its grace, beauty, and delicate nature. Observing the butterfly, we realized that it represented the very essence of what the CREAM System is all about.

The butterfly starts its journey as a tiny caterpillar, undergoing a miraculous metamorphosis, and emerging as a beautiful and majestic butterfly.

Just as the butterfly is a symbol of growth, transformation, and freedom, the CREAM System provides a path for Uzbekistan’s farmers to transform their agricultural products, grow their businesses, and achieve their dreams.

And so we chose the butterfly to symbolize our core value – the promise of a brighter future through transformation.

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